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Phnompenh Noddle House

Rediscovering my favorite restaurant

When I walked in the restaurant yesterday, and despite everything it looks the same 5 years ago… but I felt different.  I felt like I was being in Cambodia and was connected like when visiting home: the pungent smell in the air, the picture of the Apsara Dancers and Angkor Wat on the wall. And the most important thing is  the body language of the people who were there, related to the food while they were eating. Their expression told me that they had a food moment.

Only a few tables were available at 11:30am and most guests are interesting crowd of mixed Southeast Asian ethnic groups and ages and I know it is going to be good again. The restaurant is famous for noodle dishes, the menu has 11 dishes list for appetizer, 12 for the noodles, 16 for the entrée, 9 vegetable and 3 for salad. It must be related to the sunshine, my mind was already set for salad, and after a friendly  chat with the server, she reassured me that the shredded green mango with pork and shrimp with a three star level would suit my mood for the day.



Nhoam Swai, Shredded Green Mango Salad with Shrimp

And When I finally tasted shredded green mango salad and steamed jasmine rice and I felt totally transported my whole experience being in Cambodia.

I tasted the two countries: Vietnam  and Cambodia with reminisce of rustic Thai cooking. My taste buds started to scan all layer of flavors and record in my taste memory hard drive. I have learned how to re engineer our favorite dishes at the restaurant from my mom and cooked ourselves at home. And this was how it went.

Layer of flavors: I detected palm sugar, shrimp powder, a hint of shrimp paste, lime juice, fish sauce and spicy is ground fresh Thai chili. For the layer of texture: the crunchy shredded green mango and carrot (garnish) dried shrimp chunk and powder that garnish on top, cooked prawn and pork, and fresh herbs are Vienamese mint (rau ram) and a  fresh Thai chili.

Durian Custard with Sticky Rice

When I searched for a dessert on the menu, my eyes stopped moving for a while when saw Durian Custard with Sweet Rice. When did I have durian with sticky rice the last time?  15 years? Not only that, it is Durian Custard? Never tried this combination together! New interesting concept way of introducing a famous the King of the fruit. When the dessert came, it was fancy and when I tasted it, it is a taste of home: it was a satisfying moment with custard, durian and sticky rice melt in one bit.

I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone, please visit the website to learn more about their unique story, but one thing that I can tell you now is, vice-president El Gore was one of his fan.

Phnompenh Noodle House is located on South King Street and a few steps from 6th Ave, it founded and run by family members. Every visit, you always see the chef and owner around.  Perfect location in the heart of the International District, also known as China Town.

Phnom Penh Noodle House

(206) 748-9825
660 S King St Seattle, WA 98104


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Pranee teachs Thai Cooking class in Seattle areas
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